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Hello everyone :)

I have a small surprise for you today :)

I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog lately. And I arrived at the conclusion that besides sharing with you my works I would also like to share my knowledge about quilling. So I prepared a short tutorial on how to make Malaysian flowers. Hopefully some of you will find this video useful.

Sorry for my trembling hands :)

Below the tutorial you can find a short description and some instructions.

Step 1: Wrap a strip of paper around a quilling tool to form a coil.
Step 2: Take it off from the tool and let it unfold slightly. You can use a circular template to choose one particular size so that all petals will look the same. After your coil unfolds glue the end of the strip. This way you will receive a closed loose coil. Now flatten it a little bit.
Step 3: This is the moment when you need a skewer stick. Wrap your flatten loose coil around it like in the video and pinch the ends. Thanks to that your coil will turn into a raindrop petal. Glue the ends.
Step 4: This step is very easy. Just wrap another strip of paper around your petal and glue it at the end. The petal will become larger and more solid.
Step 5: Make four more petals and create your own Malaysian flower. Good luck! :)

Malaysian flower tutorial

If you have any questions, please leave them in a comment. I will be happy to answer them :)

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