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Today, instead of the regular greeting card, I would like to show you a pop up box card that I’ve just recently learned how to make. :)

I had so much fun making it that I’m sure I’ll make another one very soon. :)

unique handmade pop up box card birthday quilling etsy

oryginalna kartka ślubna pudełko quilling pastelowa na zamówienia

beautiful pop up box card wedding invitations etsy quilling

oryginalna ręcznie robiona kartka na ślub pudełko quilling

cute pop up box card quilling birthday keepsake etsy

elegancka kartka ślubna pudełko ręcznie robiona quilling

beautiful pop up wedding invitations etsy quilled box card exploding box

wyjątkowa kartka ślubna pudełko ręcznie robione zaproszenia ślubne

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