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In today’s post I would like to show you my latest work.

I’ve been thinking about making realistic animal art pieces for quite a long time. Finally I got the courage to make one.

I decided to make macaw parrot wall art. I loved its colorful feathers so I decided to try and put it to paper.

I worked on this piece for over 10 hours, but the final result was definitely worth it. The whole image of the parrot is made of single strips of paper. The work is placed in a 15.7 inches x 11.8 inches frame (A3 size).

I think this piece is a perfect tropical wall decoration. Unique 3d macaw parrot made of paper. It would make a great gift for all animal lovers.

If you’re interested all my works are available in my Etsy shop: PAPER PARADISE ETSY SHOP

Thank you for stopping by!


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