Hello :)

Another blog post today. And another exploding boxes. This time not one, not two, but 15! :)

This was one of the most challenging orders I’ve had so far. The client ordered 15 exploding boxes with paper prams inside as invitations for a Baby Shower. What is more, he was in a bit of a hurry. Luckily, I managed to make all of them in just a week and ship them to the USA just in time. :)

kartki ręcznie robione zaproszenia quilling

handmade cards invitations handmade quilling

exploding box explosion box kartka pudełko kartka pudełeczko

baby shower card baby shower invitations handmade

kartka na narodziny dziecka baby shower kartki baby shower zaproszenia

kartka pudełko kartka pudełeczko papierowy wózek

baby shower card paper pram paper stroller handmade

kartki ręcznie robione narodziny dziecka baby shower

baby shower invitations handmade paper pram

kartka pudełko kartka pudełeczko narodziny dziecka

zaproszenia ręcznie robione quilling

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