Hello :)

Today I would like to show you a very unique birthday card.

A few weeks ago I was asked to make a birthday card related to SPA. At first, I had no idea what the card should look like so I decided to search for inspiration on the Internet. I came across several SPA invitations and all of them presented a woman. So I decided to use the same theme. The image of a woman you can see below was found on the Internet. Of course it is one of the public domain images. :)

Hope you like the card. :)

kartki ręcznie robione urodziny

handmade cards birthday

zaproszenia ręcznie robione quilling kartki

kartki urodzinowe ręcznie robione quilling

handmade invitations handmade cards quilling

quilling cards quilled cards handmade birthday cards

kartki urodzinowe ręcznie robione na zamówienie quilling


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