Finally, after a long break, I’ve found the time to prepare a new blog post.

April has been very busy. I know I’ve neglected the blog recently. Hope you’ll forgive me. :)

Today I would like to share with you some photos of the wedding exploding box I made a few weeks ago. You know the design very well. The only new thing here is a tiny envelope which you can see inside the box.

Do you like this idea? Let me know if you do so I will try to make a short tutorial for you on how to make such envelopes. :)

exploding box wedding ślub

kartka pudełko ślub

kartki ręcznie robione ślub quilling

handmade cards exploding box wedding

kartka pudełko ślub exploding box

kartki ręcznie robione quilling

handmade greeting cards quilling exploding box

exploding box paper cake wedding

kartka pudełko ślub ręcznie robiona

Behind the scenes. :)

kartka pudełko ślub quilling

And the box is ready to go. :)

exploding box handmade wedding

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