Yesterday I made some new floral pictures so today I would like to show them to you. :)

This time I decided to make a sunflower and pink carnations. I’m really happy because I have finally found the perfect frames (Love you Ikea!) and now the pictures look even better. :)

słonecznik quilling słonecznik z papieru

quilling sunflower quilled sunflower paper sunflower

obrazki ręcznie robione obrazki w ramce

obrazki quilling słonecznik quilling obrazki w ramce

paper sunflower quilled sunflower quilling picture framed picture quilling

quilling picture framed quilling

goździki quilling goździki z papieru obrazek w ramce goździki

carnations quilling quilled carnations quilling picture framed carnations

goździki quilling obrazek goździki kartki ręcznie robione

carnations quilling quilled flowers quilling picture

kwiaty quilling obrazek quilling goździki

quilled picture quilling art carnations picture

kwiaty quilling obrazek goździki

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