Hello everyone,

Finally I have some new cards for you. :)

Although Valentine’s Day is long gone my clients are still interested in Valentine’s Day theme. That is why both cards I prepared for today present hearts.

The first one presents the design which you know very well, but this time the colour chosen by the client was green. I must say I really like this version. :)

kartki ręcznie robione quilling sklep

handmade greeting cards quilling shop

kartki ręcznie robione sklep quilling serce

handmade cards store quilling

kartki ręcznie robione na rocznicę

handmade cards anniversary quilling

The second design was also published on the blog, however it was a long time ago. You can find the original version here. The client asked me to prepare a similar card, but in different colours. He chose green, orange and grey. :)

kartki ręcznie robione walentynki rocznica

handmade anniversary cards quilling

kartki ręcznie robione na różne okazje sklep

kartki ręcznie robione rocznica quilling

flowers quilling

handmade quilling flowers

handamde cards anniversary quilling

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