Hello :)

Last week was extremely busy. But luckily I managed to prepare some new cards.

Today I would like to show you two exploding boxes. As you can see, the colour I chose this time was blue. I mixed it with white and silver to make the boxes look more elegant.

I must admit that recently I’ve fallen in love with all types of ribbons. A few days ago I bought a lot of them and I just can’t wait to use them :)

Box No. 1:

exploding box wedding

exploding box ślub quilling

kartki ręcznie robione ślub

handmade cards wedding quilling

oryginalna kartka na ślub

unique wedding card invitation

unikalne kartki na ślub telegram zaproszenie

Box No. 2:

exploding box urodziny imieniny

exploding box birthday wedding anniversary

kartka ręcznie robiona na imieniny urodziny ślub

handmade cards wedding birthday quilling

pudełko z tortem ślub urodziny imieniny

paper cake exploding box

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