Last week I decided to work on some new quilled pictures. I just felt the need to create somthing new. :)

Today I would like to show you one of the pictures. This particular one presents a simple tree in beautiful pastel colours. What I like the most about this picture is that it’s so bright and elegant. I think I should use pastel colours more often. :)

unique wall art framed picture quilling framed paper art tree

oryginalne obrazki na ścianę quilling w ramce obraz ręcznie robiony drzewo quilling

unique home decor framed picture paper art framed tree custom home decorations

obrazek w ramce quilling drzewo pastele oryginalne obrazki w ramce wyjątkowe obrazki w ramce

elegant wall art framed picture quilling unique quilling art tree unique home decorations handmade

obrazki w ramce na ścianę obrazy ręcznie robione obrazy w ramce ręcznie robione

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