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A few weeks ago I showed you letter ‘A’ I made using quilled flowers. I really liked that picture, but I decided to try something new and to make another version of the letter. This time I used contour quilling. Hope you like the result. :)

obrazek w ramce ręcznie robiony quilling litera inicjał monogram imię

unique framed picture wall art quilling quilled letter monogram initial name paper art

litera quilling inicjał monogram quilling w ramce obraz quilling sztuka z papieru

quilled monogram letter initial name quilling wall art home decor paper art framed

quilling w ramce obraz quilling litera inicjał typografia quilling konturowy

quilling typography quilled letters initials monograms paper art framed wall art home decor unique art

litera quilling inicjał imię typografia quilling konturowy quilling w ramce personalizowany prezent inicjał

personalized gift quilling letter initial monogram name quilling art framed wall art home decor

litera inicjał w ramce quilling personalizowany prezent sztuka z papieru

unique quilled picture framed quilling personalized letter initial monogram typography paper art

personalized paper art quilling quilled letter initial monogram famed wall art home decor pink purple for a girl women wife girlfriend

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