The cards I published last week turned out to be a great success, especially the blue one. :)

During last few days I had a chance to make at least four similar cards. Some of them were used as Grandparents’ Day cards and some of them as birthday cards. I even managed to prepare a card with the same design, but in a different colour – orange.

kartka na dzień babci ręcznie robiona

handmade grandparents day card

kartka na dzień babci i dziadka ręcznie robiona quilling

handmade grandparents day card quilling flowers

kartka na dzień dziadka ręcznie robiona quilling

handmade greeting cards quilling

handmade greeting cards quilled flowers

Last week I was also asked to prepare a card for 18th birthday. The client asked me to use a floral theme. The colours she chose were purple and green. Below you can see the result. :)

kartka urodzinowa quilling, handmade birthday cards

handmade birthday card quilled flowers purple

kartka urodzinowa ręcznie robiona kwiaty quilling wzory

handmade birthday card for a girl purple flowers quilling

handmade greeting cards quilling

ręcznie robione kartki okolicznościowe sklep quilling sprzedaż

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