Yesterday I decided to learn some new flowers. I didn’t know what type of flowers I’d like to learn so, without any plan, I just started rolling the strips of paper and then tried to form some petals. When the flowers were ready I decided to use them to make a new picture. You can see the result below. :)

obrazek quilling kwiaty quilled flowers framed picture

framed picture quilling flowers quillied

kartki ręcznie robione quilling kwiaty obrazek

handmade cards quilling quilled flowers framed picture

kwiaty quilling quilled flowers picture obrazek

paper quilling paper art paper craft quilling flowers

obrazek ręcznie robiony quilling kwiaty

quilled flowers picture framed picture quilling

obrazek ręcznie robiony quilling kwiaty z papieru

framed picture handmade quilling flowers quilled

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