Hello my dear quilling friends :)

Today I would like to show you two Birthday cards.

The first one presents four different kinds of quilling flowers: Malaysian flowers, beehive flowers, one husking flower and one flower which was made using comb. The colours I used were purple and pink. I also decorated the card with some diamond stickers.

The second card is a pillow box. The colours I chose were blue and white. I decided to decorate it with roses again. I think quilled roses are the most suitable quilling flowers for this kind of greeting cards. But that’s just my opinion :)

kartka urodzinowa quilling

birthday card quilling

kwiaty quilling

quilling flowers

flowers quilling birthday

kartka urodzinowa ręcznie robiona

birthday card handmade

kwiaty quilling

flowers quilling

pillow box quilling

pillow box urodziny ręcznie robiony

pillow box birthday handmade quilling

pillow box urodziny quilling

pillow box handmade

pillow box ręcznie robiony

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