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New colours

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Today I would like to show you two new cards. Well, actually, there’s nothing new about them except the colours.

The first card is a wedding anniversary card. I used to make it in orange colour, but one of the clients asked me to make it in blue. So here it is. :)

kartka na rocznicę ręcznie robiona quilling kwiaty

handmade anniversary card quilling flowers

kartka na rocznicę ślubu ręcznie robiona kartka na ślub quilling

handmade wedding card quilling flowers

The second card is a birthday card. A few weeks ago I wrote that yellow and purple mixed really well. And I still think so. :)

kartka urodzinowa ręcznie robiona quilling kwiaty

handmade birthday card quilling flowers purple yellow

handmade quilling cards birthday flowers

kartka urodzinowa ręcznie robiona quilling kwiaty

kartka imieninowa ręcznie robiona quilling kwiaty

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