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Hello :)

A month ago one of my clients asked me to make an exploding box using Broadway/theatre theme. The task wasn’t easy, but luckily the client was really helpful. She knew exactly what she wanted so thanks to her my job was a bit easier. :)

The client asked me to use golden colour, to add some stars to the box and to put two tickets on the walls. The only thing she didn’t know was what to put in the middle of the box. The idea I came up with were two drama masks. Below you can see the result of our cooperation. :)

kartki ręcznie robione exploding box quilling

handmade cards exploding box quilling

kartki ręcznie robione kartka pudełko kartka pudełeczko

handmade box cards quilling broadway theme

kartka pudełko kartka pudełeczko exploding box explosion box

kartki ręcznie robione quilling kartka pudełko

handmade greeting cards quilling

kartki ręcznie robione exploding box explosion box

handmade greeting cards quilling explosion box

kartki ręcznie robione kartki quilling pudełko

exploding box explosion box kartka pudełko

Comments (2)

May 05, 2014 Reply

Pani Dario, jak zwykle ślicznie, elegancko, bez zbędnych dodatków. super, milo się patrzy na takie cacko. pozdrawiam . D.M.

May 05, 2014 Reply

Dziękuję bardzo. :)

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