Easter Quilling Exchange 2014

Recently I have participated in Easter Quilling Exchange 2014. First, let me explain what it is.

A few weeks ago together with other Polish quillers we decided to send each other quilled Easter cards. Today I would like to show you a beautiful card I received from Kasia from ArtLife. :)

When I first saw the card made by Kasia my jaw dropped to the floor. It’s absolutely amazing. After two years of experience in quilling I thought I knew something about this technique, but today I’ve found out that there’s still a lot to learn. Kasia is an extremely talented quiller and I hope someday I’ll be as good as her. :)

DSC_0400 — kopiaBesides the card I also received from Kasia a few accessories and decorations which I can use to make cards. But the problem is that the flowers she sent are so beautiful that I don’t want to waste them on a card. I think I’ll frame them and just admire them everyday. :)

Below you can also see a card I prepared for Easter Quilling Exchange. The card was sent to Mrs Dorota from Quilling-Paw. Hope she liked it. :)


Hello :)

I know it’s been almost two weeks since the last blog post and I’m really sorry for that, but I am extremely busy with the current orders right now. I hope you understand. I will try to post something new as soon as possible. :)

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Tutorial: paper roses

Hello everyone :)

It’s me again and I’m still full of energy today so I decided to prepare a short tutorial for you on how to make quilled roses.

I know that most of you are probably advanced quillers, but I bet there are also those among you who have just begun their adventure with quilling. So I guess this tutorial is for you guys. :)

Step 1: Draw a circle. You can use a pair of compasses to do that or just like me – a glass.

róże quilling tutorial

Step 2: Cut out the circle.

roses quilling tutorial

Step 3: Now you need to cut out this spiral shape that you can see below. It looks just like a shell of a snail. :)

róże z papieru tutorial

Step 4: Now it’s time to use your quilling tool. Just wrap the spiral around the quilling tool.

quilled roses step by step tutorial

Step 5: Put some glue at the end. Glue the rose to its end and hold it like that for a moment so the glue will dry a bit. Done! Your rose is ready! :)

kwiaty quilling kurs krok po kroku

quilling flowers tutorial

quilling róże kurs krok po kroku

If you want to make the roses a bit more unique and interesting, you can use decorative scissors instead of the regular ones. :)

kwiaty quilling róże tutorial

quilled roses tutorial step by step

róże quilling kurs tutorial